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42 rue Royale
- Calais
Tél : 00 33 3 21 34 70 50
Fax : 00 33 3 21 34 70 50
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Visit INSTITUT CELIA for facial care, a body massage and all your make-up needs.
  • Facial care adapted to all types of skin
  • Facial and body epilations: warm wax and cold wax
  • Relaxing body massage, body scrub, solarium
  • Make-up and jewellery

The beauty salon is open from 9.30am-midday and 2-7pm except Sunday until 6pm. Closed Monday morning and all day Sunday.

L'INSTITUT CELIA has chosen for you the brand Darphin, a range of aromatherapy products (composition guaranteed without any product of animal origin), Esthederm and Académie.

L'INSTITUT CELIA offers facial care from 25 Euros/£16.40, epilations: 1/2 legs 14.50 Euros/£9.51, complete epilation for 36 Euros/£23.60, eyebrows for 7 Euros/£4.60. CELIA also offers body relaxing massage exclusively for women for 28 Euros/£18.30.


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