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8 rue Jean de Vienne
- Calais
Tél : 00 33 3 21 97 02 59
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Savour the flavours of the mountains with local and traditional specialities in this authentic Savoyard restaurant, unique to the Calais region.
  • The speciality of the restaurant the Brasérade: it is a mini table barbecue on which you can grill beef meat
  • Cold Buffet comprising a starter, a main course (meat/fish or speciality) with drinks included
  • Dessert: the chef's speciality, the Home-made baked Alaska
  • At the end of the dinner, why not try the Grolle: traditional Savoyard liqueur prepared with orange and lemon peels

The restaurant is open lunchtime noon to 3pm and evening 7pm to 11pm, and over the week-end Fridays and Saturdays remains open until midnight. Closed Monday and Saturday (lunchtime)

The restaurant offers you its speciality the Brasérade for 13.72 Euros per head (£9), and the cold buffet from 17.53 Euros (£11.50) up to 29.73 Euros (£19.50).

With a semi-private downstairs area with a capacity of 32 people, the restaurant LA BRASERADE is also equipped to cater for parties or banquets. If you wish to organise a reception or a buffet, do not hesitate to ask the manager of the restaurant.


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