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13 rue du Commandant Mengin
- Calais
Tél : 00 33 3 21 36 31 79
Fax : 00 33 3 21 36 31 79

Are you organising or planning a party? At PIERROT ET COLOMBINE you will find all the essential accessories to enjoy yourself with friends or family! Fireworks, costumes, party novelties, masks and much more ...
  • Fireworks and crackers...
  • Wigs, masks, gadgets, party hats, party novelties, costume rental...
  • Decorative figurines, sugared almonds...
  • Metal detectors

PIERROT ET COLOMBINE is open Monday 2-7pm, Tuesday-Saturday 9.30am-noon and 2-7pm.

The shop has selected for you great fireworks from Pyragric and metal detectors from Bounty Hunter and White's.

Exclusive at Pierrot et Colombine , a range of metal detectors ! The makes Bounty Hunter and White's are now available !!

The shop offers fireworks from 0.08 Euros (£0.05) up to 2,286.74 Euros (£1,500), costume rental from 9.15 Euros (£6), metal detectors from 289.65 Euros (£190) up to 1,524.49 Euros (£1,000).

A free car park is situated 20m away from the shop, Place Crèvecoeur.


A site supported by the Calais Chamber of Commerce to promote the attractions of shopping in the centre of Calais.

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